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Birthdate:Feb 1
This one goes out to the ones I love.
This one goes out to the ones I've left behind. Now transferring to FicW-d, because it holds a lot more water.
And this one is dedicated to ensuring that I don't disappear.
She is my sister-sweetheart-partner-in-crime.

I write - doggerel to explain why.

I write
to collect wibbles when I write sad things
and nosebleeds when I write sex
to collect confused looks of 'buh?'
when I write things quite complex
I write
to (hopefully) please my readers
but mostly to please me
and I will be most-best-pleased
if you comment when you read.
(but you don't have to if you don't wanna.)

Thank you very much.

Interests (40):

andri & shudoshi, bandfic, basu-gasu-bakuhatsu, boku-tama, certain unmentionables, cold scientists, con/non-con, creative creations, crimson cookie, dark and flowery, dubious consent, easter eggs, eletelephony, emo boys with blindfolds, emo boys with fireballs, furuba, hatsuharu sohma, haughtiness, heartless children, hidden features, hiro sohma, hotheads, kingdom hearts, kingdom hearts ii, misc. porn, naughtiness, plot-what-plot, precise wording, shigure sohma, some other stuff, some stuff, the cancer key, the culture bats, the wicked isaacs, thorough creations, warm hearts, writing drabble, writing fanfic, writing keyfic, writing shounen-ai
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