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Moon Child (Tsuki no Ko) [overlong drabble]

Mmmkay. Most of the few of you who read this will never have really registered this comic series by Reiko Shimizu, but I recently re-read it, and was horribly inspired. It probably doesn't make any sense. Ah, well. Rated, for strong implications of boysex. Sort of.

*edited slightly for name adjustments as acc'ding to author on English translation. Damn it, though, Setsu is not Seth.

water, dripping.

a young boy, forlorn, sits in the shower, pajamas soaked, heavy salt water rolling down from eyes blue as melting sapphires. he weeps for the world, for himself, and for the hopeless love that has been his to suffer since he first set eyes on the mermaid prince. he bows his head, remembering the night before, remembering the intent in Shonach's eyes --

I wanted to wait until you'd made the change, Setsu, but I'm running out of time...

he'd struggled at first, thinking that there was no way this could work -- still the wrong sex, still too young -- how? but the warmth of Shonach's body against his; his breath, even and gentle; his hands, his hands...

hopeless love, but now returned. it made him forget the futility in this night, let him turn his own slender hands to good use, to kiss Shonach's mouth, touch his body with passion and purity.

no use, no purpose. he was left alone in the cold morning, in a doomed city in Russia, with nothing. death would have been welcome in the face of this existence.
My drabblet ends here, but the story certainly doesn't. ^___^;; Just in case you thought it was a bit of a downer. I mean, it is...but...nevermind. ^^;;