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I bet you thought I'd given up the ghost. Well, I haven't yet, and there's been some vague movement in the direction of my pens and paper lately. So here's the result. It's...a bit obscure. I hope you like it, but if you don't, that's okay, too. Myself, I keep waffling.


in the broken dreams of a black-hearted man
a soul gone dormant, long past care
a shattered pawprint in scattered glass
gives pause -- something lingers there

some memory half-passed and dim
of glowing eyes and gleaming fangs
the full moon high in the desolate sky
banished now by the weight of iron chains

in the thoughts of a man, young, but worn threadbare
a friend long believed lost to betrayal's plans
a blackened pawprint speaks of a future grim
sharply bruised by a slap from fortune's hand

hated memories of loneliness and isolation pains
shuttered away carefully, resigned to the past
harsh secrets once forgiven, he finds he can't bear
to throw hope by the wayside and let judgement pass

the eyes of the world reflect the weight of the lies
the chance that the truth will be believed is slim
the voice through which it speaks is thought deranged
snared in the trap of a life at prophecy's whim

one man tied in darkness as yet unsurpassed
while the world shuns the man with the wolf in his eyes
condemned for living beyond what it understands
while the chained dog lies howling his desolate cry


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