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When do I write? I write when I'm writing things that just aren't good for you. This one's not that bad, but the finish is a little bit rough. Language and brainpictures.

Man. I'm too tired to be writing these notes.'s the fic. It's called Lolita, it's not that long (a little over 1000 words), and the warnings are about what you'd expect from the name. It's alt-universe Isa & Kairi, if they'd all managed to grow up in Radiant Garden. Yarr. (reaaad it. you know you want to.) Next time I'll post some actual porn, rather than just heavily implied porn. Impetus courtesy [ profile] springkink and an "anonymous" poster. Heh. *loves on you*

Lolita )

I give.

Mar. 4th, 2009 03:30 am
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I have finally decided to give up and join the ranks.
All that will be here is my fiction, however, so...uh...yeah. You can leave a comment if you want to be of the "privileged few" who are on my friends' list and can read it. Of course, most of those of you who would be interested have already read almost all of what I've got to put up, but perhaps that'll inspire me to write more, or even edit what I've already written. Who knows?
Edit: 6/19/06 - It's all open, folks. Well, except a few, more personal stories, and anything rated over R. Not that there's much of that. So enjoy. Comment if you like.

If you're not okay with a person who writes fanfiction and original fiction largely featuring males falling in love with and/or sleeping with other males, you're probably barking up the wrong tree. This is not to say that I do not write many other things.

Have a nice day.
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Things I've forgotten to post here from the last...urrr...few years. How deeply, deeply embarrassing. ^-^ There's a fair bit of pornliness, too, so be warned. TO BE CONTINUED


formless, 112 words )

from 2006 kh_drabble secret santa:

internalize, 336 words )
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Happy New Year, people. It's time for some New Year Porn, or something like that. This fic was another of those razor-toothed rabbits that bit me on the ass for no goddamn good reason. It features the previous incarnations (I think that's the right sort of descriptor) of two characters (Xemnas and Vexen, to be specific - in this fic, Xehanort & Even) and slaps them into bed with nary a thought for the consequences. Actually, I'm lying about the 'nary a thought'. I put more thought than I'd like to admit into this, and several days worth of editing. So enjoy, if you like, and heed those warnings. They're there for a reason.

WARNING: XXX for sex, violent sex, moderate bondage, humiliation, and general unpleasantness.

Hero Worship )
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This was a hell of a project. I'm terribly sorry if I neglected to mention that my story writing was going to be completely taken over by Kingdom Hearts for the next bit. I have a few ideas, but most of them are somewhat on hold until the horde of fanged rabbits detaches itself from my leg. That said, here it is:

Lunatic Pandora, a drabble-form fic in XII parts. 1200 words + titles.
Rated ~PG-13 for some disturbing imagery.

I. they call you names you call yourself )
II. your pain saves us from our own )
III. twice-cursed )
IV. wounds outside mirror those within )
V. cassandra's dilemma )
VI. counting coup )
VII. fate has chosen you for a task )
VIII. wander by mistake )
IX. finality, the breath of storms )
X. the wheel turns too quickly )
XI. follow without compromise )
XII. the hanged man )
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Demyx POV piece. Rated S for Sadness. (G otherwise)

premonitions. )
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None of the following are for challenges. None are rated higher than PG, if that. All contain spoilers for Chain of Memories, at the very least. All are one hundred words.

Title: To feel.
Word Count: 100
Spoilers?: From COM, certainly. About the Organization.

His eyes... )

Title: To dream.
Word Count: 100
Spoilers?: Ayup. Through COM. Regarding Marluxia.

The last thing... )

Title: To create.
Word Count: 100
Spoilers?: COM, all the way, baby. Namine thinking of Marluxia. Is 'thinking' the right word?

She had often tried to draw... )

Title: Purview.
Word Count: 100
Spoilers?: Through to the end of the first section of KHII. Ev'rybody's talking bout...Roxas.

Roxas, unlucky... )
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Mmmkay. Most of the few of you who read this will never have really registered this comic series by Reiko Shimizu, but I recently re-read it, and was horribly inspired. It probably doesn't make any sense. Ah, well. Rated, for strong implications of boysex. Sort of.

*edited slightly for name adjustments as acc'ding to author on English translation. Damn it, though, Setsu is not Seth.

water, dripping. (setsu) (spoilerific!!!) )
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Yun & Yang -- rated G. This one is totally harmless.
Brothers III (Speed) )
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This was a written for the drabbleathon on [ profile] utenadrabble, as a request for another member. I'm posting it here as well.
Word count: 736, rating: PG, because that series gets that rating by default. Juri & Kozue have a chat.
Time was pretending to pass. )
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2 x 100 word short-fic-bit-things. rated g for general audiences, because there is nothing here that will challenge any of your perceptions. not that there usually is anything like that in my writings (so she says). ^___^
What's that, you ask? Am I writing again? ...well. Maybe. ^_~
guilt. (shukaido) )

this pain. (issei) )
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[rated PG or so for self-mutilation and such things]
Traceries )
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I bet you thought I'd given up the ghost. Well, I haven't yet, and there's been some vague movement in the direction of my pens and paper lately. So here's the result. It's...a bit obscure. I hope you like it, but if you don't, that's okay, too. Myself, I keep waffling.
Wolfheart )
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Mmm. I'm always hesitant about posting this one anywhere. I think it was my first fairly explicit bit, certainly the first that actually warrants (IMNSHO) a NC-17 or X rating. There's some sex here, kidz. I think this is also the first of many potential fics that illustrate my propensity for depressing endings. I'm just not a happy-ending kind of writer, I guess.
[Toshiya (dir en grey) x Ryutaro (plastic tree)--rated X for Sex. ;;^-^;;) Sadly, without all the indenting, it makes much, much less sense, but I'm much too lazy to actually go in and correct my formatting.
Nerveless )
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[rated pg for some reason, probably themes]
an original keyfic. everything here is mine except the concept of The Palace & Keys.
For further info visit
firstlight )
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[juri & anthy - rated pg for certain...implications.]
imbalance )
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[deg - kyo x toshiya] rated R for wholly dangerous bondage
author's note: never do this. it is dangerous.
afterhours )
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